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Automation Report: The ROI of Automation in Cell
based therapy bioprocessing and supply chains

At our Phacilitate Special Interest Group: Automation held in 2017, the focus was firmly on creating a roadmap towards ‘Automation in Cell-based Therapy Manufacturing and Supply Chain’.

Each of the working groups covered a specific theme or question and was tasked with arriving at a specific ‘output’, conclusions, or better yet, action points for the sector as a whole to take forward and utilize in helping drive progress, whether that be in the realm of regulatory guideline development, standardisation, technology development, or defining strategic models for engagement for all stakeholders. Cell-based therapies leverage a diverse range of cell types to treat a range of diseases including, but not limited to cancer, neurodegenerative disease, and heart disease. There are however a number of differing translational challenges to overcome, and given the broad range of technologies in development, this creates a complex commercial landscape.

Manufacturing presents a core issue in CBT commercialisation, and in this exclusive report produced in partnership with BioLacuna, we explore the role of automation in manufacturing risk management.

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Welcome to Phacilitate’s inaugural SIG – a unique and exclusive think tank drawing together the cell & gene therapy sector’s manufacturing decision makers with the ‘do-ers’: namely the bioprocess developers and engineers tasked with sourcing, selecting and implementing automated solutions.


What exactly is this event about?

  • A select group delivering a roadmap to cost-effective, robust and interconnected ‘vein to vein’ manufacturing and supply chain models
  • A highly immersive blend of intense brainstorming sessions and innovative, activity-based networking in an exclusive location geared to optimising interaction
  • The source of a variety of invaluable, tangible ‘take-homes’ variously defining for participants and their organisations:
    • the technical state-of-the-art in automation today
    • the affordability and ROI from automation at each stage of cell & gene therapy R&D/commercialisation
  • The only event to specifically examine automation relating to product characterisation, quality testing, raw/starting materials and logistics tools and processes, in addition to bioprocessing systems
  • A ‘landing point’ in cell & gene therapy for leading bioengineers from the fringes of the sector
  • An opportunity for each and every attendee to bring a specific issue or challenge to the table for discussion by the group
  • The perfect setting to develop genuinely valuable and lasting new contacts