Welcome to Phacilitate’s inaugural SIG – a unique and exclusive think tank drawing together the cell & gene therapy sector’s manufacturing decision makers with the ‘do-ers’: namely the bioprocess developers and engineers tasked with sourcing, selecting and implementing automated solutions.


What exactly is this event about?

  • A select group delivering a roadmap to cost-effective, robust and interconnected ‘vein to vein’ manufacturing and supply chain models
  • A highly immersive blend of intense brainstorming sessions and innovative, activity-based networking in an exclusive location geared to optimising interaction
  • The source of a variety of invaluable, tangible ‘take-homes’ variously defining for participants and their organisations:
    • the technical state-of-the-art in automation today
    • the affordability and ROI from automation at each stage of cell & gene therapy R&D/commercialisation
  • The only event to specifically examine automation relating to product characterisation, quality testing, raw/starting materials and logistics tools and processes, in addition to bioprocessing systems
  • A ‘landing point’ in cell & gene therapy for leading bioengineers from the fringes of the sector
  • An opportunity for each and every attendee to bring a specific issue or challenge to the table for discussion by the group
  • The perfect setting to develop genuinely valuable and lasting new contacts